Hi everyone. This blog was set up as part of my internship at the Center for High Performance Computing in TCD and the Letters of 1916 project. The goal of my internship is to create a text analysis tool for the “Letters of 1916 project”.

My name is Roman Bleier and I am PhD student at the Department of History at Trinity College Dublin. I am on the structured PhD program in Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH) and part of my PhD research is the development of a digital edition of Saint Patrick’s writings. My digital edition consists of TEI/XML encoded transcriptions of all medieval manuscripts witnesses of the famous saint and my research interest is besides Medieval history, Digital Scholarly Editing and related subjects (such as XML technologies, web design and development).

My internship is supervised by Dermot Frost, Manager of the Center for High Performance Computing in TCD, and Susan Schreibman, Professor of Digital Humanities at NUI Maynooth. This blog here serves as a kind of diary to document my approaches and way through the internship.

Many thanks also to Juliusz Filipowsk and Paddy Doyle, from TCD High Performance Computing, for their help and suggestions.

Recent Projects:
Battle of Clontarf Project (2014).
Saint Patrick’s Confessio HyperStack Project (2011).

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